About Us

Mattex Bangladesh Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of normal padding and micro thin padding, crushing, and computerized quilting. We offer our customers superior quality products. Our professional management team has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the RGM industry with a good reputation for manufacturing and shipment, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction degree. Furthermore, we focus on continuous quality development, constant upgrading of facilities, expansion of international presence, and providing great value to enhance customers’ profit margins.


Factory Name



Our operations are supported by 90 skilled individuals, ensuring efficient production processes.

Number of Machines

We operate with 01 padding line, 06 computerized quilting sets and 2 crushing machines.

Total Space

Our projected land area spans 58,200 square meters

Products Offered

We specialize in manufacturing normal padding, micro thin padding, crushing, and computerized quilting, ensuring superior quality products for our customers.

Factory Address

Ward No-09, Shimulia, Holdia, Lohajang, Munshiganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Facility Conditions

Our factory ensures optimal working conditions with proper illumination and ventilation, regularly monitored to meet safety and productivity standards.

Working Day & Time

We strictly adhere to government laws and industry standards on working hours, ensuring fair and sustainable employment practices.


Our factory operations are guided by a compliance Team to ensure adherence to regulations, with a dedicated compliance officer overseeing all related matters.